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Your Curb Appeal

Screen shot 2013-11-01 at 4.29.13 PMMarch 15, 2013

We all understand the importance of first impressions. When it comes to your home, the outside is the cover of the book that we tend to judge. So why not make it as appealing as possible and make a great first impression! Now’s the time! With warmer temperatures heading our way and the snow melting, you should start thinking about what to do about your home’s curb appeal! If your home is eye catching from the outside, everyone will also want to see what it looks like inside – especially buyers!

The entrance is the best place to start if you’re thinking about upping your curb appeal

Front Door

Clean, welcoming and some fresh paint is all you really need. However, if you’re looking to make an even greater statement, get bold with a fun color and pay attention to the trim. Molding can be applied to the sides and top of the doorway and really draw people in. Be sure to clean up or replace your hardware as well. Shine up the doorknob and have any other accessories on your door match that overall style. This way everything is cohesive.

 House Numbers

Where are they? Are they easy to find and read from the street? Do they reflect your home’s style? If not, think of creative, fun ways to accomplish this. If they are looking worn or outdated, add some life to them or replace them altogether. These, along with other outdoor hardware such as a wall-mounted mailbox or overhead light fixtures, will add style and interest to your curb appeal when they function collectively.


Don’t forget them! Clean the windows to add sparkle and shine – they’ll reflect your new and improved landscape during the day and emit the warm inviting glow from inside at night. If you want to add a new look, add-on window panes transform your plain windows into beautiful paned versions without the cost of buying all new!


This is truly what curb appeal is all about! A pretty landscape to your entry way can be accomplished in stages, so start by pressure washing your walkways and driveway. Making a clean path and getting rid of winter’s wet dirt will immediately make your home more inviting from the road (Also think about pressure washing your house). If you’re thinking about bigger projects, flower beds and areas where bushes and trees grow should be trimmed and cleaned. In addition, container gardening will add interesting touches to your landscape. They can accent your walkway or doorstep and are a quick, easy and affordable way to do so. Then, install outdoor lighting throughout your landscape which will make a huge impact by illuminating those clean walkways and beautiful flower beds.


Since the outside of your home is setting your guests up for what is to come when they enter, it’s a great idea to add some finishing touches to your curb appeal by accessorizing. Get creative – even subtle touches can add interest. Add weather-resistant artwork. If you have a swing or outdoor seating on your porch, add pillows or rugs that reflect your style. Think symmetrically – it’s the simplest way to arrange items at your front door and is overall pleasing to the eye. Also remember to coordinate with other improvements you made, via color schemes and styles.

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