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Tips for First-time Home Buyers

Buying your first house is a huge and exciting step in your life but can also be quite stressful if you are not fully prepared.   If you have only rented before, the most stress you most likely had to deal with is making sure you have a high enough credit score and that your landlord has a good maintenance team.  Buying a house requires so much more planning ahead of time.  There are many extra expenses you might not fully be prepared for such as appliance breakdowns or title and settlement fees.  The moral of this story is do your research before you dive into that 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with the adorable white picket fence.

Check out this story from MSN Real Estate for some great tips for first-time home buyers.  Make sure to tune into the Real Estate Radio Hour on 830 WCCO tomorrow for even more information on the subject!



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