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  • Thinking of listing? Do yourself and your net worth a favor and read this blog!

Thinking of listing? Do yourself and your net worth a favor and read this blog!

You are ready for a move. There are tons of choices out there for representation. How do you know who and what to pick? The temptations of a discount broker that promises more money, an iBuyer that promises a quick close, or a true local expert?

How do iBuyers work?
iBuyers make offers on property without seeing them, thus without having expert knowledge of the area or the home’s unique nuances. This can benefit a seller who needs to sell fast, but the one who is really winning is the iBuyer. Offers are typically below market value, and iBuying companies turn around and sell your property for its higher, accurate market value. They then pocket your hard earned equity.

iBuying services contains cleverly worded additional fees. Don’t be fooled, these can add up to an additional 7-15% cost when it’s all said and done. Yes, local agents charge a negotiable commission, however the cost of iBuyer programs is 2-3x what would likely be agreed if using a local expert who is working on your soul behalf.
How do discount brokers work?
Discount brokerage companies promise full service and marketing, or pieces of it, for less commission. What sellers need to realize is discount commission means discounted service. Many discount brokers will list homes and hope they sell, rather than putting in the work required to get the highest price and best terms possible.
If homes do not have proper pricing, presentation, and promotion, they do not attract the demand required for a great offer. This means risking the loss of proceeds, or potentially even selling at all!

How do local expert agents work?
Our expert agents use the utmost attention and data when assessing value of a home, full suite marketing plans, and expert preparation for market. A local expert will sell your home at the best possible price, in the least possible time on the open market with the lowest hassle.

The above garners prices and experiences that far outweigh the agreed commission in terms of a seller’s net proceeds. Plus, if there is ever a hiccup with a transaction (and things do happen!) you can depend on a local agent to work tirelessly to come up with a successful solution. With a local expert you net more money, and less stress!

What’s it all mean for you?
iBuying or discount services may look like great options on paper, but when it comes to convenience or cut costs, there is always an additional cost somewhere else. When working with iBuyers or discount brokers, sellers are likely leaving thousands of dollars of their hard-earned equity behind. Quite ironic, huh?

Before making your final decision on who or what you will work with to sell your property, you owe yourself a discussion with a local agent about your unique home’s market value. Your net profit, and sanity depends on it! We look forward to serving you.

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