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The Moving Process and FHA Back to Work Program

This past Saturday’s show had a major focus on the planning that goes into moving.  We had Mia Erickson and Kevin Quagliano from Alexander’s Mobility on to talk moving with us.  There are so many things that you need to consider when you decide to put your house up for sale and planning for the move is one of them.  Call a moving company as soon as possible so that you can get an estimate done and have the movers ready to go once the house is sold.  Mia advises you to get two to three estimates before you decide which company to go with.  These estimates will be done at no charge so jumping into the first one you get because it is convenient is not your best decision.  Talk to a few more companies and listen to the references from your realtors because they will have formed good relationships with these companies and have a good idea of who is worth working with.

With all of that being said, we asked why people should pick Alexander’s as their moving company?  Mia and Kevin said that Alexander’s takes relationships very seriously and are committed to fulfilling the service model their company built in an effort to “Wow” the realtors and the clients.  Also, people should know that there is no benefit for a realtor to refer a company other than the fact that they want to help their customer in any way possible so they will offer the best company they know.

When you are selling a home, there is a lot of work that goes into the staging process.  A stager or your realtor will come in to help make your house look presentable and relatable to the potential buyers so they advise you to take things out of the home that may prevent a buyer from seeing themselves living there.  Alexander’s has a “stage and store” option where they can come in and take those items out of the house and store them safely for you so that you can present your home to the buyer in the best way possible.  One last tidbit of information that is useful for those that are moving is how to keep the cost of the move low.  Specifically with this time of the year, you want to make sure you are shoveling pathways for bringing items out of the home otherwise the crews will shovel for you, but you are paying them by the hour so it will cost more.  Other things to do are disassembling all of the beds, color coatings, taking mirrors off of dressers, having boxes ready in garage and entry ways, pretty much any small task that is not hard for the person moving to do without a moving company.

Another focus of the show was on the FHA Back to Work Program.  Mona Edick from WJ Bradley was on to discuss what this is.  The FHA Back to Work Program allows buyers to purchase a home only one year out of a short sale, foreclosure, or bankruptcy with FHA financing and then taking advantage of today’s market and rates instead of waiting for the three year period.  You do have to qualify for this by having 12 months of no late payments in your credit report, then proving you are reestablished.  Many people suffer an economic loss of income from being laid off or hours getting cut, so they find themselves in situations where they have to go into foreclosure.  With the FHA Back to Work Program, the people are helped back on their feet and back into a home with today’s great rates.

Mona also brought up the fact that rates have dipped down below 4% so people should start finding out if they can get a better rate or people that were considering entering the market should grab ahold of these good rates now.  Also, if you are looking to refinance, you need to apply and see if you are qualified, and then mortgage companies such as WJ Bradley will look at the market and see where your value will come in and figure out if there is potential to refinance.  After that is all said and done, they will lock in a rate for you and move forward.




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