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Monthly Archives: April 2014

    Auctions and Self-employed Financing

    By Chris Rooney Home Experts | April 29, 2014

    This week we were joined by Garth Johnson from Minnesota REO Experts and Mona Edick from WJ Bradley Mortgage.  First we talked to Garth Johnson about bank-owned properties.  Garth discussed the fluctuating inventory causing about 15-20% of the current inventory to be bank-owned.  This has created a problem in the market as far as inventory... Read More

    Financing Vacation Homes and Staging Your Home to Sell

    By Chris Rooney Home Experts | April 22, 2014

    We had Travis Whitford from WJ Bradley, Mindy Frost from RE/MAX Advantage Plus, and Mia Erickson, Kevin Quagliano, and Jayson Andrea from Alexander’s Mobility Services join us this week.  The first topic of discussion was some facts about vacation homes and how to finance them.  Travis Whitford began with some interesting statistics.  The median income... Read More

    Renters Questions and Advantages of Purchasing in Today’s Market

    By Chris Rooney Home Experts | April 16, 2014

    This week we were joined by Deb Newell from Real-Time Leasing and Jeff Winship from First Option Mortgage.  First up, we talked to Deb about what property owners need to be aware could happen with their renters and how to respond.  One of the most important aspects of having a renter, is that they pay... Read More

    Title Tips and Mortgage Rates

    By Chris Rooney Home Experts | April 8, 2014

    This week we had Cindy Koebele from TitleSmart and Jennifer Dierkhising from Wells Fargo join us in the studio.  The first topic we wanted to dive into was about the increasing amount of utilizing wiring funds vs certified (cashier’s) checks.  Cindy Koebele discussed how customers used to bring in a cashier’s check and the title... Read More

    Luxury Homes

    By Chris Rooney Home Experts | April 1, 2014

    The show on Saturday focused on luxury homes.  When people hear the word luxury home they often think that mean a multi-million dollar home.   A luxury home is actually determined by the top 10 percent of the homes in the market.  The top 10 percent of homes are around the $438,000 to $5 million dollar... Read More