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Monthly Archives: January 2014

    Everything Associations

    By Chris Rooney Home Experts | January 27, 2014

    This past Saturday we focused on the pros and cons of associations as well as how to deal with issues or concerns about the associations.  Garth Johnson from MN REO Experts defines association for us.  An association is a condition of the purchase agreement.  For instance, you have a condo or townhome for sale, the... Read More

    14 Real Estate Terms Explained

    By Chris Rooney Home Experts | January 24, 2014

    You’re 26 years old, finally landed that job with benefits and security and are ready to enter the world of home ownership.  Before you jump right into working with a realtor and finding the dream house, educate yourself.  This article explains 14 real estate terms that everyone should understand when beginning to buy or sell... Read More

    Short Sales and FHA’s and VA’s, Oh My!

    By Chris Rooney Home Experts | January 20, 2014

    This past Saturday’s show covered many different topics that our listeners had multiple questions on.  The first one was short sales.  A listener asked to give a definition for short sales.  Wendy Haisley from Markve & Zweifel defined short sales as when someone has to leave a property due to income loss, inability to make... Read More

    Changes in CFPB Mortgage Disclosure Forms

    By Chris Rooney Home Experts | January 17, 2014

    With the new year among us, there have been quite a few changes in the real estate industry.  One of them includes the new CFPB mortgage disclosure forms.  Many people are wondering if these forms are going to help or hurt borrowers.  The Huffington Post touched on the changes in the forms here and whether... Read More

    Kernels of Wisdom For First-time Home Buyers

    By Chris Rooney Home Experts | January 13, 2014

    Have you ever made a huge decision such as moving to a completely different city or attending a particular college without doing research first and finding out if it was the right fit for you?  Your answer is probably no because these types of things are complete lifestyle changes that require you to think before... Read More

    Tips for First-time Home Buyers

    By Chris Rooney Home Experts | January 10, 2014

    Buying your first house is a huge and exciting step in your life but can also be quite stressful if you are not fully prepared.   If you have only rented before, the most stress you most likely had to deal with is making sure you have a high enough credit score and that your landlord... Read More

    Tips and Tricks for Investment Properties and Changes with the New Year

    By Chris Rooney Home Experts | January 6, 2014

    The Real Estate Radio Hour had Deb Newell from Real Time Leasing on the January 4thshow and she gave some greats tips for taking care of investment properties in this wonderful (sarcasm) winter weather.  One of the major issues a property can have when temperatures drop into the negatives is the potential for pipes to burst.  Before... Read More

    Preventing Winter Weather Issues on Investment Properties

    By Chris Rooney Home Experts | January 3, 2014

    Minnesota has already taken a big winter weather hit this season, but it’s never too late to take precautionary measures to make sure your investment properties do not get tangled up in these messy conditions. Check out this article from Fortune Builders on ways to prepare your investment properties for harsh weather!  Be sure to... Read More