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Monthly Archives: January 2013

    Your Tax Questions Answered!

    By Chris Rooney Home Experts | January 20, 2013

    On a typical Real Estate Radio Hour, hosts Chris Rooney and Andy Prasky say they can’t take legal questions or give out tax advise because they wouldn’t want to give out the wrong information. However, Saturday, January 19 was not a typical show.With Rooney in Vegas, Prasky was joined in studio by Scott Kadrlik from... Read More

    January 12, 2013 Real Estate Radio Hour

    By Chris Rooney Home Experts | January 12, 2013

    It’s always fun to recognize people for their accomplishments and that’s just what we did to start off Saturdays show.  Andy Lindus, of Lindus Construction has a show the hour before Real Estate Radio Hour and we asked him to hang around to congratulate him (and everyone at Lindus) on being named Professional Remodeler Magazine’s “2012 Remodeler... Read More

    Maintenance Minders!

    By Chris Rooney Home Experts | January 11, 2013

    Seven ways to use less energy and lower your heating costs! Cold weather is here and you’re probably wondering how to pay less for heating than you did last year. Check your heating and cooling ducts. If they leak, as much as 30 percent of your heat might be lost. You can cover accessible ducts with... Read More

    3 Tips for Selling Your Home in 2013

    By Chris Rooney Home Experts | January 10, 2013

    Over the past six months, we’ve seen some positive signs for the housing market. After years of declining home values, this could finally be the year to sell.  Buyer confidence is up. And along with the record low interest rates and rising rent rates,  many are taking that confidence and putting it to action.So if... Read More

    Happy New Year from the Real Estate Radio Hour!!

    By Chris Rooney Home Experts | January 5, 2013

    We started off 2013 with a Real Estate Radio Hour dedicated to our listeners. Interacting with you and answering your questions on air, always makes for a fun show. To start, we looked back at this time last year. What were we talking about then, and how has the market changed since then? As Chris... Read More

    Housing Trends from 2012

    By Chris Rooney Home Experts | January 1, 2013

    Today’s homebuyers want all kinds of different things from their homes, but one trend noticed throughout 2012 was flexibility. We always want things that serve multiple purposes and that includes the different rooms in our homes. MSN Real Estate asked home builders and those in the housing industry to keep their eyes peeled for what’s... Read More